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Hardwood Installation

Hardwood Installation

Site Finished


Site finished hardwood offers the most variety in terms of wood selection and color choices. Site finished hardwood is appealing for it's overall seamless look. When selecting the kind of product you wish to have installed, consider more than just price. With site finished wood the planks are usually longer so there are less seams. As well, prefinished hardwood planks have slightly beveled edges that are somewhat noticeable (depending on the light).


Transition pieces for site finished hardwood (the pieces that transition to stairs or other flooring) are better matched because they are stained at the same time as the rest of the floor. Keep in mind that seams between planks are also sealed with site finished hardwood, which keeps dirt and dust out. And, finally, in terms of maintenance and refinishing, site finished hardwood lasts longer than other types because it can be sanded and refinished as required if there is damage or if you wish to change the look in coming years.



Pre-finished hardwood is an excellent selection for durability and cost. There are many choices now available that rival the look of  site finished hardwood. This type of flooring is chemically sealed at the factory so it often comes with a warranty of five to twenty five years. In addition, this flooring takes slightly less time to install because no time is required for sanding and finishing. FGC has experience in fitting custom transition and stair pieces to match prefinished products so you can achieve a quality look with your prefinished product selection.

We also install:

  • Laminate Flooring

  • Vinyl Planks

  • Reclaimed Hardwood

  • Barnboard Walls (wood or vinyl)

General Contracting
General Contracting

Project Management

We take on small and large projects. Small projects such as painting, drywalling, baseboard installation etc. Large projects include full home renovation, kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations.


We also love to manage and coordinate your larger home renovation projects. First, we meet with you to discuss your goals then we provide you with an initial high level estimate and timeline. If you wish to proceed, we will create a detailed project plan, validate the detailed design,  confirm the final estimate and obtain your approval to proceed. Then we schedule the work.

Regardless of the scope of the work (big or small), successful renovation projects require careful management of three variables; the budget, tradespeople and timeline. We provide you with frequent updates and discuss any issues immediately. We proceed to make changes only with your approval and your full understanding of the impacts. 

We like to work with good tradespeople who are reliable, professional and treat your home as they would their own. Our business is built on word of mouth so this is critical to the success of our home renovation projects.

Having lived through our own major home renovation, we know that home renovations are stressful and our goal is to do the work and make it as easy as possible on you and your family. We know from experience that the simple act of having other people in your living space day after day takes its toll. Every renovation plan includes steps for keeping your home safe and livable while the work is going on. We also have a unique invoicing process that ensures there are no surprises from a financial perspective either.

Knowing what to expect makes the experience much more tolerable. FGC can help you prepare by asking the right questions, answering your questions and helping you understand what to expect. See our Homeowner Pre-Renovation Checklist and call for a free consultation.

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